Anna Brown - Personal Stylist


Personal styling is an in-store service with no obligation to purchase. Please proceed to free checkout after booking your appointment.

About Anna:

Anna is Chief Merchandising Officer and head stylist for Whisper Boutiques. Anna was a stay-at-home mother for twenty years. In the fall of 2019, Anna and her husband Jason, who is a retail fashion entreprenuer, founded their new brand, Whisper Boutiques to help women to look their best, and style them in fashionable clothing that is most appropriate for their individual fashion style and body type.

Anna's inspiration for the name Whisper came from the idea that women often have negative internal dialogues rooted in body shame issues. Anna believes that if a woman can find the styles that best suite her personal taste and body type, the negative diologue can be turned into a positive, self-affirming internal Whisper that will resonate through everyday life. Anna belives that she can help you look good, and if you look good, you will feel good too.

Anna is the mother of four daughters ages teens through early twenties. She is well aquainted with fashion styles, and fashion trends for women of various ages, and is a skilled merchandiser who can adjust styling preferences to accomodate age appropriateness and lifestyle needs.

Anna's everyday personal style is a simple mix of basics with trending styles.  Her favorite go-to outfit is denim, a blazer, and fashion sneakers. 

In her spare time, Anna enjoys cooking, eating, reading new cookbooks, and dining out...oh yeah, and excercise too!

Do you need help coordinating the perfect outfit, or experimenting with a new look? Anna will help you find the right styles to fit for your personal taste, body type, occasion, and budget.

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